Australian Company Leading The Way In Employee Retention Rates

High Power Cleaning Services is an Australian cleaning company based in Melbourne. It serves all areas of Melbourne and has for the past 15 years delivered quality and unmatched services to all its clients.

Over the years, it has remained to be the house cleaning Melbourne company of choice due to the committed work of its dedicated and loyal staff. It has remained to have high employee retention rates and this is due to the following reasons

  • salaryThe company pays its employees well, with reliable and timely salaries

    • The company boasts of being a reliable employer with the employees always ensured of a salary that is equivalent to their work requirements.
    • Every month the staff get their wages credited at around the same time and this ensures that they can make their financial plans ahead of time with no fear of delays in their rents and taxes.
  • Time offs and leaves

    • Every employee has an equal right to a certain number of time offs every month and an annual leave.
    • This ensures that the employees have enough time to rejuvenate themselves and develop energy for work.
  • Team building opportunities

    • At the end of every quarter, this house cleaning Melbourne company takes all the employees through trainings and activities aimed at building the staffs teamwork in order to ensure that there is adequate communication within each other.
  • Flexible working conditionsflexible-working-conditions

    • At the end of each quarter employees can shift work stations to ensure that there is no redundancy and boredom at the workplace.
    • This is aimed at ensuring that all the employees can face new challenges and be able to work in new environments.
  • Employee benefits

    • The following benefits are made available to the employees of High Power Cleaning Services;
      • Healthcare insurance- every employee who is unable to come to work for one reason or another can get consultation under the company’s medical insurance.
      • Transportation to the work places is provided by the company.
      • Permanent employees have access to pension benefits
  • Promotions and employee recognition

    • Every year employee contracts and output are reviewed in order to ensure that hard work is recognized.
    • All employees who go over and above their expected duties are recognized and given tokens of appreciation.
  • trainingJob trainings

    • This house cleaning Melbourne company ensures that all new staff are taken through performance training in order to know what is expected of them.
    • Continuing staff are always taken through annual trainings in order to be reminded of what is expected of them and to renew contracts.