Working With Glass Has Never Been Safer

GlassNet is a reputed windshield replacement company which gives prime importance to employee safety. This Service sector company realized that technically sound and loyal employees are the key to best customer service they can provide. They redefined the notion that working with glass is dangerous, with their precautions and safety standards. Their prime concern is to provide highest possible safety standards to their employees and keep improving them day by day.

GlassNet understands that it is better to be safe now than to be sorry later. A team of highly qualified experts conducted a risk assessment and made working with glass safe by taking some simple precautions which are as first

Safe working practices: These are the procedures followed to minimize the risk of accidents. They are mandatory to be followed in every company and is foreseen by the Government. It covers things from determining the maximum working hours to cleaning the work area in case of glass shattering.

Personnel protective equipment: Good quality protective equipment like special spectacles or goggles, shoes, masks and hairnets are made available to workers. In some cases special work clothes are also provided, as loose fitting garments pose a greater risk while handling some equipment.

Clean work space: A good team of housekeeping is provided to establish a clean work area, which is of utmost importance while dealing with glass. Often a clean and clear work space minimizes accidents.

First aid: Proper first aid treatments are available round the clock to avoid aggravation of the injury and GlassNet has quick access to a medical or para medical team to bring the damage under control when needed.

trainingEmployee training: To inculcate personnel interest in safety and to make the workers serious about safety regulations, training programs are conducted to enlighten them on do’s and don’ts in work area. Also GlassNet employees are trained not only to use the modern techniques and tools, but also made to follow simple safety measures like clipping their nails and tying their hair while on work.

Investment and Maintenance: GassNet makes sure the machinery, equipment and tools are in good working condition and does not pose threat to the user by any means. Good amount of money is invested in procuring latest technologies and tools. Regular inspections are done to ensure the condition of all the machinery, equipment and tools.

Safety meeting: Meetings are conducted at regular intervals to give the employees an opportunity to raise their voice and demand for more facilities if and when needed. Gathering all levels of employees under one roof ensures good understanding between them and provides harmony in work environment.accidents

Reporting accidents: In case of any minor injuries the employees immediately report it to their supervisor or safety officer who is trained to handle the situation and takes necessary steps to help the employee. Subsequently, they maintain proper record of these incidents for future reference and report it to their higher officials, who are responsible for ensuring a safe work setting.

Overall GlassNet provides the safest possible niche to work as they value the health and safety of their employees. All the employees are well aware of their rights and the minimum safety standards to be followed. Any injury at work not only causes pain, suffering and immense financial hardship to the employee but also directly influences its employer. This company considers safety standards of employees beyond legal procedure; for them it is ensuring safety of their own family, a family which is committed to provide top notch service to their customers.