Skills Transfer Across Borders

While there are different demands for skills in each country around the world, there are some skills that are universally required and can be applied anywhere. To most, cleaning appears to be a low-level role requiring little knowledge, but this is an erroneous assumption. Experienced cleaning skills transfer across borders and can use to make a living regardless of location.


For example, cleaning services NYC businesses are vital to many organizations, which is why there will always be a demand for experienced cleaners. In any city such as New York, and you will find hundreds of medical organizations, commercial kitchens, and residential or hospitality establishments that require a high level of cleanliness to operate. Their reputation and success are based on their cleanliness and hygiene, and an outbreak of illness can kill certain businesses practically overnight, or at the very least have serious legal repercussions.

Cleaning Different Surfaces

For certain establishments such as hotels, restaurants or maid services, appearance is everything, which is why it is vital to know how to make everything sparkle. The wrong cleaning agent used on a surface such as wood or glass can ruin that surface and cause permanent damage, which is why it is essential to know which cleaning product to use in any situation, and how to use it. Simply wiping polish on a surface is useless unless you know to buff it to make it shine.


Safe Use of Chemicals

Certain chemicals used for cleaning can be highly dangerous if not used correctly, and it requires a certain amount of knowledge to use them safely. Bleaches, detergents, and other potentially harmful agents need to be used and mixed with water in the right quantities to ensure that they do not reach toxic levels in the environment being cleaned.

Attention to Detail

This is the staple of an excellent janitor/cleaner and makes the difference between an employer being happy with your work and wanting further services, or deciding that this isn’t the case. Reaching into corners and behind furniture and appliances, and thoroughly cleaning all fittings and fixtures isn’t just a preference, but an absolute necessity for kitchens, hospitals and other working environments that require a high level of hygiene for health and safety reasons.


All these skills transfer easily across borders. However, they only come with experience and are required by a wide range of businesses and industries, which is why there is always a demand for cleaning services NYC.